FasTech Srl
Via Solferino, 10
20831 Seregno (MB) Italy
Tel. (+39) 0362 224101
Fax. (+39) 0362 221880

FasTech conceptual design establishes the early project definition
of the engineering, procurement, construction requirements and costs
estimation. The services offered include feasibility studies,
project schedule, technology evaluation and recommendations
and many others (see more).
Our ability to complete projects quickly and reliably to pre-defined
deadlines are essential to the success of our business, specially
in sectors so much competitive such as chemical and petrochemical.

Considering new plants engineering, our Company can guarantee:

  • Identification, selection and adoption of the best technology (including the catalytic system)
  • Obtainment of a wide range of products
  • Assistance during plant construction as well as the start-up
  • Products commercialization

The whole engineering design aligns all the different peculiarities
of the project such as function, scope, cost, and schedule
with client objectives to optimize project success.

Moreover, we offer tailor-made solutions and updating services
in terms of revamping, modernization, expansion, de-bottlenecking
and parts replacement for plants.
Our experience and partnership with professional companies enables
us to provide a wide range of solutions that help our customers
to solve their needs. We work with customers to:

  • Improve the product quality and range extension
  • Reduce costs
  • Decrease turnaround time
  • Comply with new safety and environmental regulations

utilizing, in an optimized way, most of the already existing equipments.

The individual and collective expertise allows us to deliver appropriate,
cost-effective solutions to clients to maximize assets,
improve competitive positioning, and increase
long-term business success.

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