FasTech Srl
Via Solferino, 10
20831 Seregno (MB) Italy
Tel. (+39) 0362 224101
Fax. (+39) 0362 221880

FasTech Srl is an Italian Technology Company, offering innnovative
and tailor-made technologies, solutions and engineering services
to the growing new markets for:

  • Construction of new plants
  • Revamping and expansion of existing plants
  • Product development and market expansion

FasTech is specialized in the selection and full development,
up to the commercialization, of the best and most suitable:

  • polymerization processes
  • catalytic systems and additives

in order to satisfy the specific needs of a broad range of customers
thanks to our team of specialists, who have a rich professional
background, acquired in world-wide leader companies.

Focus on young professionals, cultivate research and experience,
are some of the key points of our strategy.
Through the experienced staff and a broad international network
we can offer excellent and cost-effective procurements services:

  • update information about real market conditions concerning material/equipment pricing, supplier credibility,
    supplier shop loading etc.;

  • grouping all the activity relating top orders and contracts;

  • ensure all purchase orders and contracts are issued
    per project schedule;

  • careful tracking of change (both from engineering and supplier);

  • use of experienced expediting personnel who can:

    • evaluate supplier drawing/data submittals
      for completeness and determine supplier outsourcing
      that are critical and require action;

    • physically verify material/production status and review
      with respect to manufacturing schedule;

    • verify shipping arrangements.

Thanks to our integration with Tecnopolimeri S.p.A., a leading trading Company, we:

  • have access to inside market information (new projects, new investments, etc.);

  • can support the market development and commercial expansion
    our potential clients.

Sede legale: Via E. Besana, 5 - 20122 Milano (MI) Italy - P.I. 04118720962 - REA Nr. 1973817 - (Uff. del Registro di Milano) - Cap. Soc. 50.000,00 euro i.v.