FasTech Srl
Via Solferino, 10
20831 Seregno (MB) Italy
Tel. (+39) 0362 224101
Fax. (+39) 0362 221880

In a globalized world which is moving fast and where a new wave
of chemicals and petrochemical ventures are booming,
mainly outside the traditional strongholds of the western
industrialized world, FasTech's mission is twofold,
always acting as a "bridge of knowledge".

On the one side, FasTech is committed to provide
high-level technical and engineering expertise and know-how
to the chemical and petrochemical players
of the new emerging Market, offering updated, innovative
and added-value.
On the other side, FasTech is successfully proposing to interact
with centres of scientific excellence in such Countries
to help them develop and exploit on a commercial scale
the innumerable and often unknown or unexplored "bits and pieces"
of valuable knowledge which exist there.

FasTech always respects all laws and traditions of the Countries
it will be dealing with and follows the highest ethical code
of the industry.

Our people are also fully committed to the compliance
and safeguard of the environment and to the highest standards
of safety.

Cooperation, integration, innovation, flexibility
and responsibility inspire FasTech's operations ensuring
a very high level service and a complete assistance
to petrochemical companies in order to meet the current
and future needs of our customers.

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