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The successful event INCOREP has just ended with great satisfaction of FasTech
for the contacts tightened up with several companies internationally recognized.

The amazing potential of polyolefin (PO) materials began to be unlocked
with the discoveries, in 1953 and 1954, of the catalysts for polyethylene (PE)
and polypropylene (PP) by Prof Ziegler and Prof Natta.
Those early, but fundamental, steps were the first of what was destined to be
a gradual but steady path to towards extraordinary scientific and industrial
success, although not without challenges and set backs along the way.
Without doubt, however, those early breakthroughs in PP catalysis
-the product of much effort, trial and error- laid the foundations for
the subsequent development of PE and the family of PO materials at large. (read more)

Fastech sponsors and will be present at the INCOREP on 2-5 September in Ferrara.

Fastech sponsors and will be present at the INCOREP
"International Conference on the Reaction Engineering of Polyolefins"
on 2-5 September in Ferrara.

The conference organized at the University of Ferrara will celebrate the
50th anniversary of the Ziegler-Natta Nobel Prize. The location is peculiar,
in fact Ferrara is the town where the first advanced chemical and
petrochemical industrial developments took place in the early fifties
thanks to the work of Nobel Prize winner (Prof. Giulio Natta) school.
The Company presence is driven by our strong interest in Ziegler-Natta
catalysts, FasTech R&D group is very active in the improvement,
development and engineering of new processes and existing ones
with the application of these special catalysts, particularly in the synthetic rubbers field. (
FasTech Creates a Science, Technology and Intellectual Property Advisory Board

Fastech Creates a Science, Technology and Intellectual Property Advisory Board to Continue to Offer its Clientele Expertise
in the Latest Technological Know-How and Its Application.
The most important Italian financial newspaper "Il sole 24 ore" mentions FasTech

FasTech: for 10 years specialists in technology and engineering services in the petrochemical world. Positive the budget in 2012.
"University & Sustainability" award to FasTech Engineer Candoli Valentina Giulia
on  1  March 2013
"Feasibility analysis of using biofuels in public transport: technological,
managerial, regulatory and economic aspects". This thesis worth
the "University and Sustainability" award to FasTech engineer
Candoli Valentina Giulia. The study is part of a European project
(GUTS: Green Urban Transport Systems) which aims to promote
more sustainable transport systems.
The award, created and promoted by the University of Ferrara
and the Council of Sustainability, arose from the University's commitment
to the principle of "Sustainability" as a central element of its many activities
(research , training and management). Such activities are carried out
with the aim of developing, promoting and increasing projects, strategies
and actions consistent with a concrete "sustainable development",
concept of interest also for FasTech.
BEDP Review Meeting for YEC EPDM Plant
The BED Review Meeting for YEC EPDM Project was held at Chengda's
Offices (in Chengdu) during December 10- December 15 2012.
Participants of this meeting include experts of all specialities
from FasTech S.r.l., Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Yan'an Energy
and Chemical Co. and China Chendga Enginnering Co.
During the meeting the engineers of the three engineering Companies
collaborated in order to deepen process, equipment, instrument, electrical
and drawing details.

FasTech launches the ASES process
The Anionic Solution Elastomers Swing Process represents an integrated
solution to the market and technical requirements of SBR, LiBR, SBS
and SIS rubbers... continue
FasTech meeting with University of Ferrara

"University & Industry" FasTech meeting
with University of Ferrara (23th Nov 12).

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